Testimonials  From My Students

Marsha’s studio is a beehive of activity with four to twelve students working on any given day. Each student is at a different stage in her project. Each needs advice on goal setting, assistance with the selection of tools and materials, and a quick discussion on best techniques. Marsha can best be described as a whirling dervish who rarely comes to rest. She ought to be on skates! She is a great cheerleader of our projects and our successes. She is always patient when she teaches and advises us. She has 40 years of knowledge and experience. I have not seen a situation yet where she doesn’t have a solution for our many questions. Marsha always demonstrates professionalism in her relationships with us and her clients and co-workers. She is a wonderfully spirited individual who has boundless energy and creativity for art and life. This she shares with her friends, students, clients and her community.

What a great time I had at Hacienda Mosaico with Marsha Rafter and a new bunch of mosaic friends! Learning a new technique of mosaic was just what I needed. Marsha was an excellent instructor…a stickler for details, like me, giving directions but allowing each student to explore a different method. Thank you for all your help.

I can’t wait for next year!

Marsha Rafter Tile in yellow and purple color with transparent background

This teacher rocks! The class was small enough for Marsha to give each student individual time and attention.

This class was full of lot of information on building three dimensional sculptural pieces and so many different techniques were taught that I can use in future projects. Marsha is clear and concise, organized and awe inspiring!

Marsha Rafter Tile in yellow and purple color with transparent background

This was the best class. Marsha has a great way about her and her teaching style “ROCKS”! She gives ideas that are so useful. We may be laying out our parts but may not see the bigger picture. Marsha DOES!!! Every class I have done with Marsha has been a great experience and my “masterpieces” are just that- masterpieces, that couldn’t have been done without her.

Thank you Marsha!

This is my second time to go to Hacienda Mosaico with Marsha Rafter. We were a larger group, but I still felt I got the attention and expertise I needed to learn the new techniques. The totems will be fabulous and once again, I loved my week.

Thanks, Marsha!

Wonderful teacher! I learned an incredible number of techniques to take home. The fun and the constant laughter made it easier to learn.

Marsha Rafter Tile in yellow and purple color with transparent background


“After staring at a large blank space on our patio wall for too many years, we commissioned Marsha to create a mosaic mural (5’x6’) that would enhance both the dining and the aesthetic experience of our patio. Little did we know how stunningly beautiful it would be and how satisfying! Working with Marsha was a true collaboration; we had ideas for sure but didn’t really know what we wanted but through a carefully executed process of talking, brainstorming, drawing and critiquing we ended up with a fabulous result! Marsha was not reluctant to involve us & successfully incorporated our good suggestions while deftly avoiding our bad ones!!! She was very easy to work with; she delivered what she promised and then some!! And we are absolutely thrilled with the results!!!”

Lauraine and Richard Esparza