Tangerine Branches

This open courtyard serves as the entry for a spectacular home overlooking the owner’s five hundred tree tangerine grove. The piece was made by using tangerines from their trees, cutting them at angles to get different shapes, and casting them in plaster. Clay was pressed into the plaster molds, fired, and glazed using three different shades of orange. The leaves were made by rolling leaves from their trees into clay, cutting them out and then shaping the wet clay to take the natural form of leaves and layering them with the tangerines to create the feel of an actual tree branch.

Backyard Patio

This outdoor patio is where the owners dine and entertain guests throughout the year. The project was designed based on the couple’s love of Mexican folk art. The main mural began with the cactus “Tree of Life” which is surrounded by handmade ceramic tile and sculpted ceramic elements representative of Mexico- abundant fruits and vegetables, tropical flowers and birds, lizards and sacred hearts. The calla lilies were included as they are see throughout Diego Rivera’s work. Quotes that relate to food and friends were added in the border and are written in Spanish and Italian, as their families were from Spain and Italy. After the original mural, the door and window surrounds were completed creating a truly unique environment in their backyard.

Backyard Totem

This twelve foot tall totem stands sentinel in the corner of the owner’s beautiful backyard. A large tree had begun to die and rather than cut it completely down, this totem was designed to keep the tree and turn it into a work of art. A barn owl, hummingbird, dragonfly, western tanager and monarch butterfly were chosen and sculpted out of clay. The pieces were painted with acrylic paint rather than being glazed.

Tree of Life

Private Residence. Escondido, CA.

This Tree of Life was designed to fit an existing niche in the owner’s hallway.  It is sculpted of clay and other mosaic materials include mirror glass, stained glass, smalti, and stones. The tree of life was chosen for it’s symbolism of many things, including wisdom, protection, strength, abundance, beauty, and redemption.

Custom Bathroom

Auburn, CA.

The design of this remodel was built around the poured cement counter top. Tempered glass tile was set into the concrete counter and additional tiles were set into the tub surround, in the shower, and around the perimeter of the room. I created the ceramic sink and glazed it in a deep purple to bring out the purple tones in the tempered glass tiles.

Marsha Rafter Tile in yellow and purple color with transparent background