A couple months ago I was so excited to unexpectedly get an email from a couple who live in Davis, CA. They had purchased two different pieces from me about ten years ago when I was living in northern California. Both were wall pieces of dragonflies and they have them hanging outside by their pool.  This time they wanted an orange dragonfly since they often have orange dragonflies flying around their pool. This is what I created for them. They were ecstatic.

If you are interested in learning how this is done, I will be teaching this technique in my studio September 16th and 17th.


On May 18th and 19th, I was in Auburn, Ca for the installation of my second memorial bench. My good friends, Kendall and Eric Butler, lost their son, Justin, five years ago when he was sixteen. I was asked if I wanted to create a bench for them  and of course I said yes, I would be honored. The infinity symbol is an eight turned on it’s side which was Justin’s football number. Kendall loved the whimsical butterflies and dragonflies she had seen on my previous bench and wanted to keep the design simple so that was all we added.  It was such a joy to be able to have Kendall there helping with the installation. We had a great time and she loved it.

All packed and ready to fly to Sacramento.

Unpacked and ready to go to work.

Buddies. We had fun.

Thinset going on the stone.

Laying the glass.


Having fun with thinset.

Kendall helping with the grout.