Guidelines for Commissioning Work

It is always exciting to have a client interested in commissioned artwork or architectural installations. In making this important investment, there are several important things to keep in mind. Custom mosaics cost anywhere between $120 to $500 per square foot. Price is determined by many factors including size, materials, and complexity of design. Delivery and installation are priced separately.

Mosaics take time, and all the fabrication work is done by hand. A small art piece may take 60 to 90 days from design approval. A large-scale work may take several months.

The first consultation is free of charge and an estimate for price and completion timeline will be provided shortly thereafter. This process can typically be accomplished on a phone call based on the information given regarding size and scope of work.

To determine an exact cost, a non-refundable design fee is charged based on your understanding of the price estimate and information gathered from the initial consultation. The design fee ranges from $200 to $1,000.  An agreement will be made on the exact deliverables for that initial fee. Those might include: a pre-determined number of original designs that Marsha creates from your specifications for you to select from, materials samples, to-scale prototypes, budget and time-line, etc. Each commission is unique and Marsha will work closely with you to ensure you that the work is being done efficiently on your behalf.

To best prepare for of the initial consultation, please consider and provide the following information:

– The approximate size of the mosaic work you wish to commission
– The imagery, if any, that you have in mind (flowers, a portrait, abstract, undersea)
– The color palette you have in mind
– Any specific materials you wish to incorporate
– Your budget

It is Marsha’s main goal to create a unique mosaic or ceramic work of art that will exceed your expectations.

Please leave your name and phone number in the form below, as well as a message with your preferred time and date for a phone call, and Marsha will contact you shortly to confirm.

Commission Consultation Form