Totems at the Austin Mosaic School

A woman standing on a wooden floor with a circular design
A man holding up a large flower in front of a sign.

Last September’s class at the Austin Mosaic School, September 28-30, was a huge success and I am so happy I have been invited back to teach again May 17-19, 2019. The project this year will be constructing a totem. I created the totem above, “Caterpillar’s Dream”, for the San Diego Botanic Garden’s 2018 Sculpture Show. It sold the day of the artist’s reception and I went on to complete another, and after that one sold, another. Now I am fascinated by this art form and can’t wait to share with students everything I have learned from creating these, as all three were done using different techniques. A huge part of my creative work is all about problem solving. This project was so much fun to work on because it was so challenging. The best thing about that is that when the work is complete, it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and so much pleasure in the results.

Here are some photos of my students’ work in the Austin class last year. We created sculptural flowers for the garden using ceramic tile that was made to order for each individual student. Everyone was really pleased with their results.

If you are interested in the totem class, you can register on the Austin Mosaic School’s website by clicking here:!/May-17-19-3D-Mosaic-Totems-with-Marsha-Rafter/p/128738095/category=0