Welcome to My Mosaic World!

Mosaic Peacock

Welcome to my mosaic world. I am so thrilled with my new website!

I feel very fortunate to live in the San Diego area where we have such a lovely climate. Most days in my studio are spent with the garage door open to the view of the succulent garden outside and the sound of the birds singing. However, not all days are glorious in Escondido, and after teaching a class in my studio last August when the temperatures got above 100 degrees, I vowed never to experience that again. So after procrastinating through the winter, I finally took on the project of fixing that problem this spring/summer. The first step was to get insulation and drywall in the ceiling, then to paint, and then to have the air conditioner installed. I am so happy to say that I now have a wonderfully cool studio. A side effect of the project was that I have done a great deal of cleaning and reorganizing, and now the space is beautiful and full of light. I hope you’ll stop by to see me or register for a class. It’s truly a wonderful place to hang out!