mandala completed with beautiful colors and pink background

Mosaic Mandalas- My Current Obsession

I have enjoyed creating several mandalas over the last year and a half as well as teaching classes so that others could create and enjoy them also. I love the circle form, the symmetrical nature, and of course how I get to play with color. I…
Mosaic Peacock

Tree of Life Mosaic

Over the last several years I have created many trees in clay as well as in mosaics. It's a theme that obviously resonates with me. Here is my latest work in progress. It's being created using Mexican smalti, which I have not worked with much…
Mosaic Peacock

Welcome to My Mosaic World!

Welcome to my mosaic world. I am so thrilled with my new website! I feel very fortunate to live in the San Diego area where we have such a lovely climate. Most days in my studio are spent with the garage door open to the view of the succulent…