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Totems at the Austin Mosaic School

Last September’s class at the Austin Mosaic School, September 28-30, was a huge success and I am so happy I have been invited back to teach again May 17-19, 2019. The project this year will be constructing a totem. I created the totem above, “Caterpillar’s Dream”, for the San Diego Botanic Garden’s 2018 Sculpture Show. […]

Amazingly Beautiful Mosaic Benches

  My first mosaic bench class was a huge success! It was a big project and many of the students’ designs were very complex with regard to cutting the glass. The completed benches were stunning and everyone was so happy with their results. I will be scheduling another bench class in the future. If you […]

Mandalas at the Center for Creative Renewal

On April 21, & 22, I taught a class for creating mandalas at the Center for Creative Renewal in Encinitas. The owner, Ellen Speert, has lived here for almost forty years. She and her husband have lovingly poured their hearts into creating a very special place- not only to live, but for her art therapy, […]

Mosaic Mandalas- My Current Obsession

I have enjoyed creating several mandalas over the last year and a half as well as teaching classes so that others could create and enjoy them also. I love the circle form, the symmetrical nature, and of course how I get to play with color. I did a little research on mandalas and found the […]

My History in Tempered Glass Mosaics

Until 2004, I worked exclusively in clay. While attending a week long architectural ceramics class, I met a woman who was going to the Society of American Mosaic Artists’ Conference in San Francisco that year. She invited me to come, and on a whim I decided to join her. As a part of the conference, […]

Sculptural 3D Mosaic Flowers

Rosie Eckberg The weekend of August 4-6 was my first 3D Sculptural Mosaic class. I wanted to share some photos of the work done that weekend. The project was not meant to be completed in the two and half days, so some students took their projects home to complete and others are coming to Tuesday […]

A Passion for Dragonflies

A couple months ago I was so excited to unexpectedly get an email from a couple who live in Davis, CA. They had purchased two different pieces from me about ten years ago when I was living in northern California. Both were wall pieces of dragonflies and they have them hanging outside by their pool. […]